Learn the evidence-based principles of fat loss and execute a successful fat loss phase while prioritizing a healthy body and mind.


Program doors close: March 14th
Program start date: March 16th

Can I go out on a limb here? This program has piqued your curiosity because..

You’re frustrated with lack of progress due to being one foot in, one foot out with your goals

You're tired of trying to filter through all of the dieting & fat loss advice, you just want the cold hard facts

You’d like to lose 8-30 lbs of bodyfat while supporting a healthy body & mind

You’re not 100% sure how to set fat loss goals that will produce results but not leave you feeling like a ravenous hangry monster after one week

You’re interested in the step by step “how & why”, not just another macro calculator or diet challenge

Learning about nutritional periodization has given me the tools and mindset to feel confidant in reaching my goals—except my expectations are now far more realistic and in tune with the seasons of my life! This was the easiest cut I had ever been on because it was strategic, effective, and best of all—it had a pre-determined end date!

You’ve made it so simple to follow a fat loss phase with the great tips, amazing lessons, and awesome accountability and support with the group. My biggest takeaway is the concept of nutritional periodization. I now understand how there are phases.

FLF was so beautifully thought out and planned. I rarely had questions because everything I could think of asking was already in the information provided in one form or another. The video and PDFs were highly informational and I would refer back to them frequently. I am so happy that they are mine to keep for my next cut!

Whether you’re brand new to macros or have been in this world for a while, this program will provide the step by step system you need to complete a successful fat loss phase (with tons of support along the way) and educate you on the why & how.

You’ll leave the program not just having lost bodyfat, but with the practical tools & mindsets to maintain your results and know exactly where you’re headed next. →


6 month community group access

8 juicy modules containing concise lessons on everything you need to know to lose bodyfat & keep it off

Visual PDF guides, checklists, charts & graphs to support every step

4 step-by-step fat loss plans to choose from: 8, 12, 16 & 20 weeks

Weekly live Q&As from yours truly (ALL of your questions answered!)

Private high touch community for support & accountability 

THE BEST progress tracking form you’ll ever use (and re-use, forever)

One user friendly app containing all program materials, bonuses, community & lives

LIFETIME ACCESS meaning, you can go through the program with us live, go through it later on your own, use a 12 week fat loss plan now and an 8 week plan down the road, get any & all updates made over time, etc!

8 weeks of live, high touch group coaching

1x personalized macro review




 early bird








 early bird





Program doors close: March 14th
Program start date: March 16th



A very solid program! I don't have to keep playing games in the future. In and out, I know what to do, how to adjust and how to listen to my body. I can spend my mental time elsewhere instead of mulling over food, fitness and macros.

Fantastic program. I enjoyed each lesson and the printables. I learned alot about how to make adjustments. I did see physical changes and there was also mental changes. I loved the encouragement Ruth provided throughout the program.

I feel like I learned a lot about maintenance/recomping and some of the misconceptions around this! Also, knowing others were sticking to the program for the same duration as me, and just the sheer fact that I paid for this lol was really great for accountability.

I know the frustration of working hard but getting nowhere fast, firsthand.

When I first learned about macros circa 2017, I was SOLD. You mean I don’t just have to eat bland, boring food in order to hit my goals?! I was totally in.

But after experiencing some fun newbie progress, I started to notice some unpleasant side effects. I found it harder and harder to stick to those initial (deficit) macros I had set for myself. My relationship with food started to decline. My progress stalled and even seemed to be going backwards in some areas.

It was when I started to notice this same pattern in other women that I decided - something’s not right here. Maybe macros was the first step, but we’re missing something...

So I started digging & researching, and discovered the evidence based fitness world. I started to seriously invest in continuing education, and for the first time I learned about nutritional periodization. 

I learned about approaching goals in seasons, for both optimal physical progress and mental health. I learned what my body had been trying to tell me all along - that fat loss is not a lifestyle, it’s a phase. I started to periodize my goals and saw my body composition change again for the first time in a long time, but even better - my relationship with food and fitness absolutely transformed, and has only gotten better over the years. 

I realized, I don’t have to choose between balance and goals! I can have it all, just not all of the time. 

Evidence based nutrition practices changed the game for me, and now I’ve taught hundreds of women these exact principles & have seen firsthand physiques and mindsets transformed.  

And now, I’m sharing EVERYTHING that I teach my 1:1 clients about fat loss with you - but delivered in a beautiful, organized system at only a fraction of the price.


"I love this program! It has the perfect level of support for me. My favorite was the training/learning aspects. Like learning to focus on calories and protein instead of protein, carbs, and fats. It has been a fantastic add to my deficit. "


10 week fat loss phase

"I adore how Ruth approaches nutrition - she’s informative and is very unique. She has helped me cut, maintain, and find an AWESOME balance with macro tracking and living! She is a wealth of knowledge and I am so grateful to work with her as my cheerleader throughout my goals."


16 week fat loss phase

"Ruth helped me understand the direct correlation between my food intake and my workouts. I never understood the change in focus for different seasons of training. What I didn’t know is what I didn’t know. Her coaching moved me forward!"


1 year of progress: 20 weeks in a fat loss phase, 32 weeks in maintenance

"When I started working with Ruth I thought I just needed a little guidance and accountability. I thought I had things under control but just needed a littleee help. Boy, was I wrong! I have learned so much from Ruth about my own self! It’s amazing how she guides you to discover things about yourself that you might not have known."


16 week fat loss phase

Client Progress

FLF module-by-module breakdown

Walk through what’s in store, download your individual progress tracker spreadsheet, learn about how to find maintenance & choose the fat loss plan that fits best with your goals & lifestyle.


Getting Started 📝

Set your fat loss macros & activity goals, dive into healthy fat loss mindset & learn my no-nonsense, 4 step meal plan & prep process.

module two

Set Up Your Fat Loss Phase 🥗

Learn how weightlifting impacts fat loss & body recomposition as well as the genetic impact on aesthetics, what’s worth trying to change and what’s not.

MODULE three

Weightlifting & Body Recomp 🏋️‍♀️

Learn how to track your progress from A-Z, how to know it’s time to adjust goals, and what to adjust when the time comes.

module four

Track Your Progress 📉

Learn how to eat out in a fat loss phase without spiraling, the 411 on diet breaks and travel, and a practical guide to recalibrating when you go off plan.


Eating Out & Time Off 🍔

Learn about the psychology of motivation, relationship with food, and all of the ways our mind can get in the way of our goals.

module six

The Mental Game 🧠

Learn about all things Biofeedback - what it is, how to assess it - and how to use it to help determine the length of your fat loss phase.

MODULE seven

Biofeedback & When To Quit 🗓️

Learn my proven 2 step reverse dieting strategy, plan your own reverse diet phase, and get excited as we dive into maintenance and maintenance mindset. 

module eight

How To End Your Fat Loss Phase 🔄

Plus, These Bonuses


Brand new to tracking? I’ve got you! You’ll learn everything you need to know about tracking from what exactly “macros” are, how to track them, the tracking app & scale I recommend, the ins & outs of energy balance & more. 

Nutrition Best Practices

Learn about the role that nutrients play in the body, meal timing & frequency, peri-workout nutrition, supplement recommendations, the 411 on alcohol & more. 

meal resource guide

Tips for composing meals in a fat loss phase, how to eat more protein, recipe suggestions, how I personally create meals/recipes, and more. 


Formulas to help you set your fat loss macros, daily logs, weekly reflection, progress tracking (weigh ins, photos, measurements) all organized in a beautiful system that will have the data tracker in you swooning! 


private community

Connect to a community of like minded women & get access to unlimited support from yours truly in Mighty Networks (mobile & desktop friendly).

1x macro review

Submit your macro goals for review and get a personalized loom video response with feedback & any recommended adjustments.

I thought the weekly lessons were great. Getting bite sized pieces of information each week made it less overwhelming. I really appreciated the Friday Q&A. It was so helpful to hear Ruth explain things a little further and get some good clarification. I was never able to make it live, so appreciated that I was able to go back and listen to them. Overall, I’m so thankful I was able to participate.

I was most pleased with the information related to travel/vacation/diet breaks/alcohol, as this was new to me. It helped me mentally accept that I don't have to be perfect for 12 weeks. I would highly recommend this program, and a maintenance program from Ruth because she will teach you the foundations for lifelong health. The information she provides will help build solid foundations and habits that you can lean on whether you are dieting or not. 

Genuinely couldn’t recommend this course enough to anyone who not only wants to learn HOW to lose bodyfat, but also wants to learn the WHY behind how fat loss works from a science-driven, yet easy to digest program. I’m a fitness & nutrition coach myself, and I feel like this course not only got me great aesthetic results, but also helped me evolve into a stronger coach. Ruth really does the most— so if you’re thinking about it, I say go all in, you won’t regret it!

You'll Learn:

Evidence based fat loss methodology

How to lose bodyfat and keep it off

How to find your maintenance calories

Step by step how to set your fat loss macros (and feel confident that you did it right when you submit your macro goals for review)

My proven 2 step (yes, just 2!) reverse dieting strategy

Mindset tips & practical tools to help you stay on plan

Mindset tips and practical tools to help you go off plan without spiraling



"Ruth is such a great coach. I was first attracted to Ruth because of her authenticity and knowledge in the space. Fast forward a couple of years and Ruth has helped guide me through postpartum, a fat-loss phase, and a build. She is the type of coach that will be able to relate to your challenges but also provide practical and strategic advice to help you reach your goals. I can’t say enough good things about working with Ruth and how instrumental she has been in me seeing progress in my goals. "


20 week fat loss phase

"Man, I’m proud of myself!"


20 week fat loss phase

"I’ve been lifting weights for years but mid-way through 2023 I decided it was time to get my food under control and match my efforts in the gym. I am about 99.9% through my first cut which has been very hard but very rewarding!"


16 week fat loss phase

"The last months have really helped me feel confident in my choices and look at a long term plan for fat loss and body recomp. In the past if I saw or didn't see changes I would freak out and make big changes to my plan, but you've given me the confidence to know that we can try things for a little longer and not everything is cause for concern (ie an added pound on the scale, etc.)"


20 week fat loss phase

Client Results

It was helpful in understanding that I do not need to be in a calorie deficit continually until I lose all of my weight and that I can design my nutritional year and have control over when I choose to do a cut / maintenance.

I loved the way this whole program was structured, it was so well thought out. What also helped me was that Ruth helped all of us find an accountability partner, so you can connect easily to others in the group. 

Ruth taught me how to set my own fat loss calories and make my own adjustments, as needed. I like that because it made the program more meaningful to me. I highly recommend Ruth’s programs- nutrition & strength training- she is the best! I’m looking forward to her maintenance program because that’s where I want to live!

Still not sure if Fat Loss Fundamentals is right for you?

You want to actually understand how to lose fat & keep it off

This is THE program for you if..

You’re ready to be guided, step by step through an evidence based fat loss phase

You’re interested in learning the how AND why

You are struggling with disordered eating patterns

This is NOT for you right now if..

You’re only interested in lbs lost (not the mindset, not the lifestyle)

You’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill

 I’m ready, let’s do this!

Fat Loss Fundamentals is literally EVERYTHING that I teach my 1:1 clients about fat loss - but delivered in a beautiful, organized system at only a fraction of the price. 

The program itself is laid out in a way that will support you and answer your questions as they come up week to week, with tons of accountability in the community group and weekly Q&As from yours truly to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

Are you ready to learn the evidence based principles of fat loss and execute a successful fat loss phase while prioritizing a healthy body and mind?

Assumption of Risk: Please Read Before Purchase

By purchasing Fat Loss Fundamentals, I, (client), understand and agree to the following terms and conditions laid out by Mpower Fitness & Nutrition (hereby referred to as coach):

Assumption Of Risk

I, client, understand that my coach is a Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Nutrition Coach - not a registered dietitian or healthcare provider, and therefore will not be prescribing meal plans for me. I understand that the role of my coach is to help guide me towards a healthier lifestyle through nutritional recommendations. I do not hold my coach liable or responsible for outcomes of any kind - physical, mental, emotional - that occur while following my coach’s recommendations.


I understand that Fat Loss Fundamentals is NON REFUNDABLE regardless of payment plan choice. Because the program materials are released on the program start date giving me access to everything up front, my coach does not offer refunds for any reason and reserves the right to charge an early cancellation fee, remove me from the program and/or ban me from future coaching in the event of violating this policy.

Program Resources

All resources and materials received within Fat Loss Fundamentals are property of my coach, are for individual client use only and are NOT to be used, copied, shared or distributed for any other purpose.