Learn the evidence-based principles of maintenance, execute a successful maintenance phase and feel confident in your body while living a life you enjoy. 


Early bird enrollment open NOW through June 6th! 
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I love pushing maintenance & progressive overload! My mental state is great & I’m feeling good. I’m still amazed & wowed by what maintenance can do for the body & mind.

I adore how Ruth approaches nutrition - she’s informative and is very unique. She has helped me cut, maintain, and find an AWESOME balance with macro tracking and living! 

Can I go out on a limb here? You want to love maintenance, right? But it usually ends up feeling like a break or you just end up gaining.

→ You’re pretty good at dieting, but you struggle to know what to do outside of a cut
→ You can get behind macros as a tool, but you don’t want to have to track them 24/7, for the rest of your life
You want to learn to eat mindfully, but the standard "just eat what feels good!" has not worked for you
→ You crave freedom, but you still need some structure & direction to operate within
→ You’re interested in a step by step ‘how & why’, not just another cookie cutter macro count 
→ You want to develop habits that support your health & fitness but don’t monopolize your life

You’ll leave the program with the practical tools & mindsets to not only maintain your results but know exactly where you’re headed next.

Whether you’re brand new to macros & nutritional periodization or have been in this world for a while, this program will provide the step-by-step system you need to complete a successful maintenance phase (with tons of support along the way) and educate you on the why & how. 


What you get 
in Maintenance Method

1x personalized macro review

8 week live coaching intensive

6 month community group access

LIFETIME content access

8 juicy program modules 

Visual PDF guides, checklists, charts & graphs to support every step

Weekly live Q&As with your coach (ALL of your questions answered)

3 live ‘hot seat’ coaching sessions (get individual face time with your coach via group zoom sessions)

Private high touch community for support & accountability 

THE BEST data tracking spreadsheet you’ll ever use (and re-use, forever)

One user friendly app containing all program materials, bonuses, community & lives


Early bird enrollment open NOW through June 6th! 
Program doors close June 13th



 early bird





 early bird





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 early bird



Early bird enrollment open NOW through June 6th! 
Program doors close June 13th



I know the frustration of never feeling “fit” outside of a diet, firsthand.

When I first learned about macros circa 2017, I was SOLD. You mean I don’t just have to eat bland, boring food in order to hit my goals?! I was totally in.

But after experiencing some fun newbie progress, I started to experience some unpleasant side effects. 

I found it harder and harder to stick to those initial (deficit) macros I had set for myself. My relationship with food started to decline. I would stick to my low calorie plan during the week, but then overeat every single weekend.

So I swung the other way - macros must be the issue! Intuitive eating must be the answer. 

I ditched macros for a while and leaned on my ‘intuition’ to guide me - but unfortunately, my intuition proved to be mildly treacherous, and I entered a season of feeling very little direction or control over my health and fitness.  I knew I didn’t want to be in a deficit all of the time, but my only alternative to that seemed to be “do nothing” and that wasn’t serving me either.

So I started digging. I started seriously investing in continuing education, came upon the evidence based fitness world for the first time, & finally learned about the missing piece of the puzzle - nutritional periodization. 

I learned what my body had been trying to tell me all along - fat loss is not a lifestyle, it’s a phase.  

I fell in love with maintenance, and realized I don’t have to choose between “balance” and goals - I can have it all, just not all of the time. 

When I started to periodize my goals and fully embrace maintenance, not only did my body composition & health change for the better, but my relationship with food & fitness absolutely transformed as well.

And now, I’m sharing EVERYTHING that I’ve learned about maintenance through hours of evidence-based education & years of working with clients, with you - delivered in a beautiful, organized system with the support you need to actually implement. 


I learned about approaching goals in seasons, for both optimal physical progress and mental health. 

I learned that tracking macros & calorie deficits aren't bad, but that they are tools. 

I LOVED working with Ruth. I went to her because I love fitness but was always feeling hungry. She helped me understand that I was undereating. After setting my macros and starting a structured weight training routine I was BLOWN AWAY with how much I loved my body. Not only did I look more fit and toned, I was satiated. Ruth re-enlivened my love for the gym, my body, and helped me find joy in eating again!

I was BLOWN AWAY with how much I loved my body.



When I started working with Ruth I thought I had things under control but just needed a littleeee help. Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t think I was a chronic dieter but now that she is walking me through maintenance I am learning that it’s not the cutting portion I need help with, it’s maintenance! I have learned so much from Ruth about myself & am now being more intentional in my daily life.

I have learned so much from Ruth about myself & am now being more intentional in my daily life.


Working with Ruth was honestly a turning point in my life. I had done a good bit of work on my own before hiring her, but felt frustrated at often second guessing myself. She provided the voice of reason that I needed to achieve my goals faster and with clarity on what matters and what does not. Ruth has an unparalleled ability to break down complex topics into simple language, and help apply things that will matter the most to your journey. 

She provided the voice of reason that I needed to achieve my goals faster.


Let’s do this

Module One: Getting Started

Walk through what’s in store, download your individual data tracking spreadsheet, learn what exactly maintenance is & how to find your maintenance calorie goal.

Module Five: Weightlifting & Body Recomp

Learn about weightlifting for muscle growth + how much muscle we can expect to build at maintenance and the difference between ‘long term body recomp’ and the ‘body recomp phase’. 

Module Two: Set Up Your Maintenance Phase

Set your macro ratios & activity goals, choose your compliance method, dive into healthy maintenance mindset & learn our no-nonsense, 4 step meal plan & prep process.

Module Six: Mindful Eating

Deep dive into mindful vs intuitive eating & learn how to blend structure & freedom with our step-by-step process to transition from tracking macros to mindful eating.

Module Three: Goals & Progress Tracking

Learn about ‘maintenance appropriate goals’, how to track data & progress at maintenance, and what to do when you mess up.

Module Seven: Eating Out & Time Off

Get the 411 on how to eat out in maintenance, what really happens when we take time off, & our fan favorite maintenance travel strategies.

Module Four: The Maintenance Range

Deep dive into metabolic flexibility & metabolic adaptation (+ the difference between the two), learn if it’s possible to increase maintenance calories, and determine how to choose *your* ideal maintenance.

Module Eight: Maintenance Expectations

Body expectations, dressing for the body you have, the *true* purpose of maintenance - we finish off strong and leave you with both practical action steps and mindset challenges.




Nutritional Periodization 101 

New to Nutritional Periodization? Fear not! In this crash course you’ll learn exactly what NP is, which phases you will benefit most from, how long to stay in each phase, and how to plan your year.

Macros & Nutrition 101 

In this mini course you get 4 value packed trainings that teach you how to track macros, how to get your nutrients while still eating foods you enjoy, how to set fiber & water goals, and the 411 on alcohol.

Meal Timing Guide

Learn about meal timing & frequency + what & when to eat before & after a workout.

Meal Planning Guide

Tips for composing meals in a maintenance phase, how to eat more protein, recipe resources, personal meal examples & more.

Data Tracker Spreadsheet

Formulas to help you set your maintenance macros, daily logs, weekly reflection, body comp tracking (weigh ins, photos, measurements) all organized in a beautiful system that will have the data nerd in you swooning!

Supplement Guide

The ultimate beginners guide to supplements featuring our top recommended supplements + the ones you can skip all together.

plus these live coaching perks

1x Macro Review

Submit your macro goals for review and get a personalized loom video response with feedback & any recommended adjustments.

8 Week Live Coaching Intensive

Including 8 total (weekly) live Q&As where every question is answered + 3 group hot seat coaching sessions where you get individual face time with your coach so you can workshop goals & challenges in real time.

12 Week Community Access

Ask questions, connect with other members, share wins, recipes & ideas for 12 value packed weeks.

I went from collecting nutritional data 24/7/365 to implementing calorie cycling, zooming out at my overall nutrition week over week vs day over day and relying more on biofeedback instead of what an app on my phone says. 

MM with Ruth gave me the tools and knowledge to confidently achieve body recomp in maintenance for 9 months, transition ot a deficit and back into maintenance. The knowledge and spreadsheets (!!) I gained with MM are worth their weight in gold & far surpass any fad diet I have found on Google. I now actually kow what maintenance looks and feels like, for that I am forever grateful!

The Maintenance Method filled so many of the gaps that have been missing in my approach to nutrition.


you'll learn:

How to eat at your maintenance *potential* (ie, eat as much as possible to optimize energy, health & muscle growth while still maintaining)

How to find your maintenance calories

How to maintain your progress & prime for future goals

How to set your maintenance macros (and feel confident that you did it right when you submit your macro goals for review) 

How to set up your year with nutritional periodization

A step-by-step mindful eating system that includes both freedom AND structure

Mindset tips & practical tools to help you adhere to a plan 

and so much more


Early bird enrollment open NOW through June 6th! 
Program doors close June 13th

Evidence based maintenance methodology

Still not sure if Maintenance Method is right for you?

This is THE program for you if..

You want to learn how to maintain progress and live a blended life of effort & ease

You haven't reached your ultimate goal yet, but want to learn how to take conscious pit stops along the way

You’re interested in a step by step how AND why

This is NOT for you right now if..

You are struggling with disordered eating patterns

You’re hoping to lose weight during the program (that’s not what maintenance is for, sister)

You think maintenance means “break” & you don’t want to put in any effort

The program itself is laid out in a way that will support you and answer ALL of your questions as they come up week to week with support from the community group, weekly live Q&As & live hot seat coaching sessions.

Are you ready to go from guessing & feeling frustrated with maintenance to feeling confident in your body & choices while living a life you enjoy?


Early bird enrollment open NOW through June 6th! 
Program doors close June 13th

Maintenance Method is EVERYTHING that I teach my 1:1 clients about maintenance - but delivered in a beautiful, organized system at only a fraction of the price. 

Assumption of Risk: Please Read Before Purchase

By purchasing Maintenance Method, I, (hereby referred to as client), understand and agree to the following terms and conditions laid out by Mpower Fitness & Nutrition LLC (hereby referred to as coach):

Assumption Of Risk

I, client, understand that my coach is a Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Nutrition Coach - not a registered dietitian or healthcare provider, and therefore will not be prescribing meal plans for me. I understand that the role of my coach is to help guide me towards a healthier lifestyle through nutritional recommendations. I do not hold my coach liable or responsible for outcomes of any kind - physical, mental, emotional - that occur while following my coach’s recommendations.


I understand that Maintenance Method is NON REFUNDABLE regardless of payment plan choice. The program materials are released on the program start date giving me access to everything up front, my coach does not offer refunds for any reason and reserves the right to charge an early cancellation fee, remove me from the program and/or ban me from future coaching in the event of violating this policy.

Program Resources

All resources and materials received within Maintenance Method are property of my coach, are for individual client use only and are NOT to be used, copied, shared or distributed for any other purpose.